Four LO for Imaginarium designs

понедельник, 20 апреля 2015 г.

 Hello to all of you! Today Tatiana want to share four different LO about one person. This is all LO about my son. 
First LO is made in gentle style. The title is perfect for mood of this LO. All I wanted to say is in this title - kids are growing so fast, now he is a little helper like a true man!

  The second LO is in expressive style. In it a lot of fun that gives paint to a kid.

  The third LO is about all boys love LEGO. Hexagons and triangles by Imaginarium designs are perfect for lego theme. 
 4th LO is about dreaming - my son is a dreamer, his head is always in the clouds))) Hexagons (you see that I love them a lot))))) are ideal for background pattern. 

Roducts I used

Thank you for visiting us!

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  1. ААААА! Страничка с попугаем просто ВАУ!!!!! Нереально классная! Сильная! Эмоциональная!
    Все работы интересные,но эта - ПОКОРИЛА!



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